2/16/2017 - 6:06:09 AM

It’s mid-January. Holiday rush is well passed and the kids are back to school. Life has most likely returned to the “normal” and “routine,” whatever that looks like for you. It’s another whole month before our next “holiday” where we can deck the house in pinks and red for Valentines! :) I know, some think it’s an overrated holiday, but what better way to show and express our love to our dear ones?

So, until then – what helps you get through the winter blues? Here are a few of my favorites!

1. Cozy slippers – Winter nights can get frigid, and that’s when a pair of slippers becomes so handy! Cold floors aren’t so bad when you’re feet are protected by some good moccasin slippers.

2. Boot Socks – Did you know boot socks can be worn with or without boots? :) I love boot socks because they are long and warm! If I’m not donning slippers, my feet are definitely in some cozy socks!

3. Candles – You can never have enough candles burning, right? ?? Burning candles are the perfect touch to lighten up a winter’s night and bring some extra warmth.

4. Throws – If I’m on the couch, I almost always have a throw wrapped around me! My favorite throws are the soft, cuddly ones, but anything that drapes and warms the body gets the job done.

5. Cup of coffee or tea – is a night complete without a hot beverage? I don’t think so! Along with everything above mentioned, if I’m on the couch and it’s cold weather outside, there’s bound to be a steamy cup of something delicious on the coffee table.

6. A book – or multiple :) Everything’s complete to the above picture when a book is held in my hands and a captivating adventure invites me to get lost in it’s pages.



There are some of my winter favorites! What get’s you through the winter?

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