Inspiration To Start

5/14/2019 - 10:38:07 AM

Inspiration to Start

Ever have an idea or thought that you would love to see happen but the reality of getting it done seems overwhelming?

Maybe it’s redoing a room.

Maybe it’s just sewing new pillow covers for the new season (raised hand emoji here).

Maybe it’s as simple as a fresh centerpiece for the dining room or coffee table.

I know I have MANY thoughts about how I would love my home to look, or a project I’d love to tackle, but sometimes I just don’t even know where to start.

If you ever find yourself in a jam to just start moving, here are some realistic, inspirational steps that you can do right away to get started.

  1. If you’re CLUELESS on what you want to do, but know you need a change, some of the best places to start are to browse Pinterest, or visit your local Home store. Find inspiration for what you want to do, and look at the various styles.

  2. Write down your end goal, and if possible, keep it simple. This allows you to stay focused.

  3. Once you have your goal written down, you now have a DIRECTION. With direction, you can plan your steps. Again, start simple so it’s not overwhelming.

Example 1

Re-arranging a room

  1. Sketch out the new furniture layout

  2. Plan a day to rearrange

  3. Often with a re-do, a few things come up that just need to go. Have fun with the freeing act of discarding the old to make space for the new. You can always resell your items at a consignment shop or yard sale and make a little extra cash for your new re-do.

  4. Shopping day! Grab some girlfriends and go out for the afternoon and pick up some new items that bring you happy thoughts and feelings.

  5. Decorate!

  6. Have guests over and let them ooh and ahh over your new re-do

Example 2

New Pillowcases

  1. Shop for fabric!

  2. Find something pretty, that speaks to you, but also practical if you have pets, children, or uh…. always need a cup of coffee in hand.

  3. Turn that sewing machine on and pound um out.

  4. Insert your pillow forms into the new fresh cases, and appreciate the new and fresh look it brings to the room.

Example 3

Making a quilt

  1. Peruse Pinterest or Etsy for patterns and color combinations

  2. Start shopping for fabrics either online or at your local fabric store

  3. Sew, sew, sew, quilt, quilt, quilt

  4. Have fun.

  5. Dream under your quilt, or gift it to someone else.

Sometimes the hardest thing with a project is just getting started, but when you plan it out into bite-sized chunks, it seems much more doable, because it is!

The next time you want to start a new project, but just don’t know where to get started, remember these tips.


May you always find the inspiration and the products to create what you love.

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