Country Pastimes, A Fabric Collection

7/16/2019 - 2:46:01 PM


Country Pastimes

Designed by Abraham Hunter, A Northcott fabric

A million memories come to my mind when I hear of "country pastimes." Of course, growing up on a dairy farm gave me endless opportunities to make the best memories on the farm, whatever the weather or season. But whether you grew up in the country, or visited the family members who were farmers once a year, or just visited the countryside once on a vacation, no doubt vivid memories left with you.


Country landscape. Gorgeous hues of blue sky meeting green land. Filled with life.

Life of trees, birds, plants, and flowers. Bursting with colors, being buzzed by nearby bees, butterflies, and other insects. 

Life of animals. The domestic, calm, cows and sheep, grazing in their own time, with not a care in the world.

But then also the foxes, and other wildlife, hiding in the shadows of the tree line or nearby woods.

Country landscape. Stunning, fresh, welcoming.

Always changing appearance, but always remaining welcoming.

+ + +

Let me introduce you to Country Pastimes, a fabric collection designed by Abraham Hunter.

The artist loves to see the beauty of nature come out in his work. The following are samples of the different scenes printed on the fabric collection. View the whole collection here.

+ + +

Blue sky and green grass are two of the biggest and best scenes about the country.

Wide, colorful, and seemingly endless, these creations always hold awe and wonder.

These fabrics are perfect for any country landscape project.

The changing of the seasons brings a drastic change of color and scenery, especially for fall and spring of course. The detail and color in these leaves are done so well, bringing a realistic picture of leaves falling to the ground on a fall day. Use this fabric for fall napkins, table runners, or accent pillow throws.

What's a country scene without the barn with a little bit of natural dirt?

The collection comes with two wood colors, one with brown hues, and the other red hues, as pictured below. The dirt texture brings a realistic, natural element to the collection. The "dirt texture" fabric is a great addition to a horse quilt, or tractor blanket.

And the PANEL. So pretty, it definitely deserves a spot twice on this blog.

So many colors bursting in a glorious, peaceful fashion. The landscape picture speaks comfort, cozy, and welcoming, yet also invites adventure and activity to be had with the harvested field, the animals, and the distant mountain peak in the background.

The quilts on the bottom convey the theme of handmade goodness, crafted skill, and family heirlooms. Or picture them keeping one cozy by a campfire or surrounding a loved one for bedtime stories.

Pictures create a thousand words.

And your project can create or convey a thousand memories.

From bed-size quilt, to wall-hanging, or anything in between - let these beautiful colors in this collection inspire you to - 

Create What You Love.


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