A Day At The Lake

5/22/2019 - 3:11:47 PM


A Day at the Lake

A Wilmington Fabric

Designed by: Lisa Marshall

"A Day at the Lake," More than just a name for a beautiful fabric collection, a day at the lake can bring up many memorable times from the past.

Fun memories of laughter and cheers, splashes on the boat, a rope swing into the water, and refreshing snacks of lemonade and watermelon.

Refreshing times of feeling the wind blow across the water and gently tease your hair.

Relaxing times of sitting still and watching the water, hearing the birds, and getting lost in the sunset or sunrise.

Whether you have a lakehouse that you frequent often, or maybe the lake is just a daytime getaway for the family, this fabric collection brings you a lovely, neutral, color palette with blues, grays, and creams.

"A Day at the Lake" of course has some fabrics with sailboats and oars. The sailboat toss is available on a blue and gray background, where the oar toss comes on a blue and cream background.

The plaid and “wood” look fabrics in this collection are awesome elements that add to a “Day at the Lake.” The plaid fabrics are a perfect representation for that summer picnic, while the wood planks take you to the dock, feet dangling, & hand-holding with your favorites.

The waves and dots are natural for a lake scene. The dots bringing a natural element of pebbles by the shore, or light rain. The chevron print is always a nice, popular print and pairs lovely with the theme. The chevron lines can appear as waves, or use the familiar print for a blanket or picnic table spread.

The most popular seller in this collection has been the pillow or placemat panels. A 2/3rds panel, this comes with four (4) blocks than can be used for placemats, pillows, a quilt, or anything else one’s imagination creates. A different Lake scene on each panel, each one has a statement about the Lake that makes you want to pack up and visit immediately. Snag this one soon though because we only have a FEW left!

The repeating stripe is also a popular fabric in the collection. A collection of sailboats, canoes, lawn chairs, and fish are lined up in an adorable display.

Are you a Lake or beach fan? Make something special with this fun collection.

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Do you have any oar fabric left from A Day at the lake
9/11/2022 - 10:44:56 AM
I love the paddles and the repeating stripe in this series. I would only need a 1/4 yard for a small sewing project! Do you have any scaps of this?
Linda McKown
8/14/2021 - 2:38:17 PM
I am very interested in some of this fabric as I already have some and want to enlarge my quilt project. Do you have any left?
Joanne Currie
2/26/2021 - 10:40:53 AM
Do you have any fabric left? If so, how do I order?A2K12
8/23/2021 - 7:54:45 PM
Same question. What do you have left in stock of the Day at the Lake line of fabrics perhaps in close out or the back room. Thanks, Joyce
Joyce A. Wiesinger
2/4/2021 - 6:00:11 PM
What do you have in stock of A day at the lake fabriv
1/17/2021 - 3:14:41 PM
Hi. I need a bit more of these fabrics. Do you have any left at all. Thank you.
Irene Johnson
7/11/2022 - 4:50:00 PM
Do you have any placemat/pillow panels left. I need three if you have them. Thanks!
Marge wicks
8/13/2021 - 9:50:14 AM
Do you have any of the plaid fabric left of A Day At the
3/31/2021 - 4:06:47 PM
Can you please let me know if you still have any of the A Day at the Lake fabrics and panel available?
Susan Sayn
9/3/2021 - 9:47:17 PM
I need 1 and 1/8th yard if the sail boat toss in blue background and 1/2 yard of the oar toss on blue background. . Do you still have this fabric?
4/15/2021 - 4:42:21 PM
What do you have left of this fabric collection?
2/2/2021 - 8:33:51 PM
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