The Colors of Fall

8/13/2019 - 3:16:36 PM

The Colors of Fall

When we think of the “Colors of Fall” I think it’s safe to say the majority of us think of orange, yellow, reds, and browns. The earth naturally displays these colors in the most magnificent way with the trees changing leaves, the fields of wheat and barley, and the pumpkins, gourds, and cornstalks being harvested into farmer’s trucks to get hauled off to market.


When the weather turns cooler (or even when it’s still decently warm but we like to dream of the cooler weather), it’s fun to bring a touch of the outside “inside” to our homes to make a creative, cozy space. 

Fall is an exciting time of the year and such a fun time to decorate! If you thought Fall decor had to be kept to the oranges and browns, I’m going to show you how your Fall decor can take on MANY different color schemes. Let’s check out all our options. 

Different ways and new ideas to decorate for the ever-loved “Pumpkin Spice Season”


If you’re following any of the major trend setters of the day, you know it’s ALL ABOUT WHITE. Okay, so there’s always the use of grays and other neutrals, but still, white is simple, clean, inviting, and PRETTY. I think white will always be around. White pumpkins, cotton, and white stems or leaves bring together an elegant look for Autumn. A pretty white Fall display would look great against brick or other darker colors, but can also get away in a white room for those ALL-white lovers. 


I have to admit, when I first saw greens with pumpkins, I thought it looked a little out of touch. But the more I see it, the more I love it. Depending on your wall color and other room accents, a little bit of green might be the magic piece that your Fall layout was missing. Green picks like eucalyptus and succulents are perfect for tying together your Fall decor. I’ve seen both bright greens like baby’s grass and succulents, as well as softer, darker greens like eucalyptus, or olive branches. The green accent look would be amazing in a white room. 

Oranges, Reds & Yellows

The natural colors of Fall. Easy to get this look with strawbales, pumpkins, cornhusks, and mums straight from the local Farmer’s market. These colors especially pop against a white or neutral backdrop. 

Tans, Browns, & Neutrals

Again, the earth NATURALLY throws these colors at ya. In the season of “dying off” the colors that once were bright, are now faded. Still, what a pretty color scheme of light neutrals. These colors would look nice in a darker colored room such as navy or hunter green. 

Black & White Check

Every now and again the black and white check pops back up in the home decor season, and this year I’m definitely seeing it again. The black and white plaid look is certainly an “accent” to add, and shouldn’t be a full-blown look. Plaid pumpkins, pillow cases, throws or signs is where I most commonly see the plaid. Add it to your scene to create a look you love. 

If you were stumped about how to switch up your Fall routine this year, or were just curious about trying something new,

now you have some ideas to run with. We hope you love exploring new ideas and creating a look you love.


Create What YOU Love

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