Making A House A Home

6/11/2019 - 2:07:56 PM

Making a House a Home

PC: Michaela Stoltzfus


Recently Moved? Traveling for an extended period? Renting when you wish the mortgage was yours and fully paid?

No matter where you live, sometimes the walls surrounding us can feel more like barriers than a sheltering structure. I believe that no matter who you are or where you live, having a comfortable place to come home to that you love is vitally important.


[noun noun: house; plural noun: /hous/ 1. a building for human habitation, especially one that is lived in by a family or small group of people.]


Let’s talk about some easy steps to make a place feel more natural, welcoming, and loving to your preferences and tastes, even if it's not long-term for you. A place you can come “home” to and love. Let’s talk about creating a space you love.



1) Take it away

First let's start with the basics. If there's anything already existing in your place that doesn't bring you joy and happy feelings, get rid of it. This applies to anything that is previously in the space that you would not have put there. Things that don’t speak to you. A former homeowner, the hotel rooms vintage decor, your aunts room for the summer (probably asking first would be a good idea), etc.


2) Wall Space

Have pictures of family and loved ones? A favorite from last year’s family vacation or all the kids together at Christmas?

Having pictures of familiar faces is one of the best ways to make an unfamiliar place feel a little more familiar. You could also hang a favorite verse, quote, or tapestry that not only brings an element of wall decor, but comes along with memories from when the piece spoke to you.

3) Lighting

Lighting is an important part of a space, as it completely sets the mood. Do you want your space to feel cozy, romantic, and whimsical? Even if you don't have the liberty to change out all the fixtures and wires, there's some easy temporary lighting that you use. Hang vintage string lights for a soft glow. Or if you need it brighter, grab a lamp (or a few) to set around the place and change up the look.


4) The Textiles

This part is so fun and easily one of my favorites! From rugs and runners, to throws and pillows, textiles bring in the TEXTURE and "comfy" to a space. Most textiles are very easy to move from one place or the next, so remember even if your place is short-term right now, the pillows, throws, and rugs can always move with you to your next destination.


Rugs and runners come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and purposes. Think of your purpose of the room, and how your rug or runner will assist in accomplishing that. Is your space a reading nook? Consider one with a bit of cushion, and a soft feel. Or get a multi-purpose rug that can withstand the action if your space is shared with kids, pets, and/or beverages.

Throws and pillows. So simple. So easy. Like other textiles, throws and pillows come with so many touches, feels, textures, prints, patterns, and designs. Shop around and have fun feeling all the goodness on your finger tips, than settle with the few or more that you fall in love with! Bring them back to your temporary place and feel good and confident in what is now "your space."

After doing these few things, I believe you will LOVE your new, temporary home!

Go now, create a space you love. You’ll have so much fun.

Create What You Love


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