Each of our handmade quilts is artfully crafted by Amish and Mennonite women in their homes using traditional practices handed down through generations. This historic tradition allows Amish and Mennonite societies to share their skills and support their families while maintaining cultural roots. Each piece in the collection exhibits true imagination that manufacturers cannot duplicate and showcases years of artistry from true quilting masters.

Choose an authentic, handmade quilt for the centerpiece of your country décor. Drape your artisan quilt over your bed for a warm, beautiful covering or display the piece on your wall to bring your room together. The stunning patterns and careful details add an authentic rustic mood and warm, comfortable atmosphere into any room, with many rich colors and shapes to choose.

We have authentic bed size and wall size quilts available. Browse our collection of Amish quilts to find the perfect authentic addition to your country motif and order online to have your favorite delivered straight to your home.

Don't know which size quilt is right for you? Use our sizing guide! This features the approximate sizing that we use! American Double Mattress Size:
54 Inches X 75 Inches
25 Inch drop on both sides
12 Inch pillow tuck allowance

American Queen Mattress Size:
60 Inches X 80 Inches
22 Inch drop on both sides
10 Inch pillow fold allowance

American King Mattress Size
76 Inches X 80 Inches
14 Inch drop on both sides
18 Inch pillow fold allowance