Pumpkins & Gourds, "Fun Size"

9/7/2018 - 10:38:50 AM

Pumpkins & Gourds, "Fun Size"

These mesh bags of mini gourds and pumpkins are so cute that they need their own post!

These little guys work as GREAT fillers. Fill anything - a table centerpiece, a basket, a large jar, you name it! They get the job done by themselves, or of course they’re the perfect extra touch to surround your larger pumpkins. Coming in two great colors of orange and cream, there’s a sure chance they’ll match the rest of your spread.

Spritz them with your favorite scent to bring the real-life scents of Autumn into your home.

Only $6.98 per bag, there’s no harm done with these cuties!



Get your hands on the best Fall looks here.

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