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Buying a gift for someone close to you can sometimes be a tricky thing. You want something that speaks to that person; something is that unique and personal. This can be especially true for Mother’s Day, and we are here to make that process a bit easier. Handmade quilts have been in families forever, often handed down from one generation to the next. Whether you are a seasoned quilter, just learning, or you want one made for you by our skilled Amish and Mennonite artisans, Dutchland Quilt Patch has everything you need to get the ball rolling. A handmade quilt really is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

If you are interested in doing your own quilting – and who knows your mother better than you do? – we have a number of different fabrics, patterns and kits to help you on your way to making the perfect quilt. You know her favorite colors, the kind of fabrics she likes, whether she prefers flowers to geometric shapes or abstract designs, and perhaps the room in which you think she might display it. There is no one with an emotional connection to your mother like yours. What you craft for her will be one of the most special gifts she will ever receive.

You can still be in on the creative process, even if sewing is not your thing. Our quilt makers can custom make your Mother’s Day quilt to your specifications. You pick out the colors and fabrics, and choose the design of the quilt. In a way you will be helping to make this wonderful gift.

Handmade quilts are precious to those who are lucky enough to own them. Your mother will love the fact that you chose this quilt just for her, or that you spent time creating and sewing it with only her in mind. It doesn’t matter if you make it or choose it. Your mother will love her handmade Mother’s Day quilt, just because it came from you.

(Posted by Lloyd Esh of Dutchland Quilt Patch)

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I am interested in buying an Amish quilt throw for the sofa.
jean jones
9/23/2017 - 9:10:07 PM
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