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Stephanie Dawn handbags are products of the family owned business of KAM Mfg Inc in Van Wert, Ohio. For over 27 years the company, or at least some of it's owners, made handbags for another popular company of quilted handbags and purses. When the production of those purses was moved to overseas operations, KAM found a need and desire for American consumers to still be able to have a line of bags for women that was made exclusively in the United States.
In 2008, KAM decided to design and manufacture their own line of quilted fabric purses to fill the need of women with quality, style, and ingenuity. The company has a sincere dedication to American jobs.
Stephanie Dawn products are designed for today's women who desire function, style and quality. There is a color and style for women of all ages whether they are looking for a handbag, tote, or travel gear.