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Find your favorite quilt and curl up by the light of a home-made candle. Dutchland Quilt Patch gives you another way to bring warmth and rustic charm into your home with an assortment of candles, candle holders and other candle accessories. We stock jars, tea candles, crumbles and more carefully blended and poured by leading suppliers to give you a rich, therapeutic scent and steady, comforting glow.

Find a size, scent and type for the season or find your favorite scent to keep your home fresh and inviting all year round. Our handcrafted candles exude sumptuous home-made scents from warm apple pie to cinnamon sugar to orange zest using concoctions of milk cream, essential oils and real spices. To display, savor and keep your candles burning brightly, take a look at our candle sleeves, warmers, holders and more.

Each of our suppliers uses their own unique blend to create alluring natural fragrances and uses welcoming, whimsical designs for each accessory. Select a lovely scent for your home or find a thoughtful present for a friend
A Primitive Glow
Rich scents evoking memories of days spent with Grandma making blueberry cobbler, picking ripe apples for making fresh hot apple pie, or making a pan of hot cinnamon rolls, these hand poured candles, crumbles, and cookies made in the mountains of West Virginia are sure to please!
Americana Candles (Made in the USA) Battery Candles and Holders
Candle Sleeves and Holders Candle Warmers and Accessories
We have a variety of electric warmers for wax crumbles and candle warmers for up to 26 oz. jar candles! Various designs and colors available to fit your home's style.
Car Air Fresheners
Enjoy your favorite candle fragances in your car! Each Car Air Freshener is packed with the wholesome fragrances you know and love and will give you weeks of long lasting scent.
Crossroads Wax Crumbles and Candles CANDLE - LIGHT W/BULB 3.5" CANDLE JAR - ABBY'S
Measures: 5.25" x 5.75"H
Measures: 4" x 4.5"H
Measures : 5 1/2" x 5 1/2"
Measures : 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"

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